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Mixtape Mafia

Music Mix Mayhem - Mix Challenge Community

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All Members , Moderated

Okay, this community is straight foward:

You're moderators- post a theme.

Think of songs that match the theme and post them in reply.

Mix tapes result!

Keep in mind, the mafia are an elite. This is not a community to post and go "ummm what about songs that make you feel happy/sad/heartbroken, the point of mix tape mafia is the challenge of creating the obscure mix. It is NOT a mix request community.

Posts relating to your experiences making mixes or your responses to certain song or mixes is welcome. Also, please feel free to suggest tracks, or mixes that you have made to a theme, just don't beg everyone for ideas on mediocre themes.

Follow the rules, anyone can join, just respect the community.

<3 mods!