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How's about we do one of these...

This one is driving songs. The songs actually have to reference driving, not just be 'a song I like to listen to when driving'

Mine are:

Mercury Rev- Goddess on a Hiway
Fastball- The Way

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Well, in honour of the first day of Winter, how's about a new theme- Fire Songs.

I can think of heaps off the top of my head, which possibly makes it too easy, but hey. It's all good.

  • Billy Joel-  We didn't start the fire
  • Ash- Burn baby burn
  • Ben Harper- Burn one down
  • Prodigy- Firestarter

Go for your lives, people! Think of this as a procrastination outlet...


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On a similar note to my last mix tape idea, how about Songs about months of the year?

January | Tori Amos - Black Dove (January)
February | ?
March | ?
April | ?
May | ?
June | ?
July | ?
August | ?
September | ?
October | Evanescence - October
November | Wyclef Jean - Gone 'Til November | Guns 'n' Roses - November Rain
December | Linkin Park - My December

These are the ones I have on my PC, it easier to search than to think..

Theme Challenge 4 - Days of the Week

OK, I have a little challenge for you.

I came up with a list of songs that are about days of the week.

Help me out and come up with more!

* Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
* I Don't Like Mondays
* Friday on my Mind
* Saturday Night (do do doo do doo do do)
* Ruby Tuesday - Beatles
* Eight Days a Week - Beatles
* 7 Days - Craig David

I had more at home, but I'm not at home now..

C'mon let's have fun!
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Theme challenge Number 3!

This one may be a little obscure, but I could think of 3 songs off the top of my head, so it can't be so bad!

"Anna" songs
Songs that feature an Anna, or have Anna in the title.

To start you off...

Counting Crows- Anna Begins

(I'll add the other 2 songs once you've had a chance to think for yourselves :p)
peggy who cares?

Theme Challenge!

Okay theme time!

Your first challenge is stalker songs!

Songs about watching, waiting and obsession. Much like stalking a hit.

Classic stalker track: The Police - Every Breath You Take.

Post yours in reply.
peggy who cares?

Mixtape Mafia: Community Info and Introduction.


Okay this community is straight foward:

Your'e moderators post a theme

Think of songs that match the theme and post them in reply.

Mix tapes result!

Keep in mind, the mafia are an elite. This is not a community to post and go "ummm what about songs that make you feel happy/sad/heartbroken, the point of mix tape mafia is the challenge of creating the obscure mix. It is NOT a mix request community.

Posts relating to your experiences making mixes or your responses to certain song or mixes is welcome. Also, please feel free to suggest tracks, or mixes that you have made to a theme, just don't beg everyone for ideas on mediocre themes.

Follow the rules, anyone can join, just respect the community.

Play nice <3 mods!